To Love Or To Be Loved, Which One Will You Choose?

07/03/2013 Admin Relationships

6.8 (42)If you have to choose to love or to be loved, which one will you choose?

If you choose to love, then you are giving your love unconditionally to the other person and not expecting reciprocation. As long as the other person is happy, we are happy. However, we human beings are have a selfish gene. Up to a certain point, we do hope our love for the other person will be returned. So to love only is not the way.

If you choose to be loved, then will that be a selfish act? When the other person is showering you with his or her affection, can you appreciate? How much love will you demand from the other party? Or will you still not be happy as you are not attracted to the person showering you with the love? With so many doubts, to be loved is also not enough.

We all deserve to love and be loved in return. Never settle until we find that special one.


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