The 11 Rules for a Great Relationship

06/28/2013 Admin Relationships

article-new_ehow_images_a01_um_od_improve-dating-skills-800x800The Guy’s Guide To Romance contains invaluable information on:

1 Meet Her

Get on your game and zero in on your target. Keep her attention high and her curiosity at the max, starting with the golden rules to phone calls.
2 Be a First Date Pro

Stay smooth on your first night out together with our tips for first date conversations, while recovering quickly and easily from any bad first impressions.
3 Friend to Girlfriend

Make her your flame – not your friend – in 5 easy steps and gain insight into the subtle differences between playful flirting and true attraction.
4 The Courting Phase

Study the 10 traits that women look for in boyfriends and pass any of her courting tests with style and confidence.
5 Integrate Your Lives

You’ve won her. Now you need to win her friends over, too. Do it and also get guidance for what to do when your buddies don’t like her as much as you do.

6 Maintenance

Keep the spark alive by understanding the life span of romantic gestures. Avoid 9 common relationship killers so you can keep things on the upswing.

7 The Tough Times

It’s not what you argue about, it’s how you do it. Be civil and constructive, and also overcome the perils of jealousy.
8 Impress Her Family

Want to put your best foot forward when you meet her siblings? Here’s how. Not only that, you’ll also learn 10 ways to impress her father.
9 Living Together

Are you ready to move in with her? Here’s how to weigh the pros and cons, then embrace your new role as a romantic roommate.

10 Keep It Exciting

Don’t fall into a rut: Use our hot suggestions to keep your sex life spicy and make your partner happy on a daily basis – especially on anniversaries.

11 Plan Ahead

Are there wedding bells in your future? Read up on the signs that you’re ready for marriage and the ways to postpone a proposal if you aren’t ready to take the plunge.

Overcoming Rejection

Being strong, cool and confident


How to start and what to say

Genuine Attraction

Be your best on every date

Chemistry Choices

Is she perfectly right or perfectly wrong for you?


When you need to make a commitment – or not

Outside Approval

Making good with her friends and yours

Making the Effort

The romantic essentials that keep the fire burning

Healthy Communication

Understanding what she means and how to handle it

Winning Her Back

Repairing a broken relationship

Looking Forward

Listening to your dating gut


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