Listen to your body its smarter than you are

08/29/2013 Admin Life style

In some case our bodies age faster than our minds. Recently a man 87 years old was helping his girlfriend build her garden for the summer. He felt strong and powerful as he lifted the dirt, got down on hands and knees to get his hands in the earth and plant for the season. He soon felt chest pains and was taken to the hospital; he died a few weeks later.

Another man 81 years old got a flat tire. He had changed flat tires his whole life. He told me he did not need any help! After fooling ar922757_568481993186591_131955479_nound with it for a while he came and asked for help. He said what’s wrong with me? I use to have no problems doing this by myself.

It is stories like these that remind us to become more present, more awake. Our bodies are aging from the moment we are born. We must honor what the body is going through and realize things we did in our younger years might be a challenge for us to do now.

Instead of listening to the ego say; you have always planted in the garden, there is nothing wrong. We must listen to our body and our intuition. We must speak our TRUTH and believe it. Yes, my body is aging; maybe I don’t feel it right now but maybe I should try a new way of doing this or that.

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